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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hey Beautiful,

So for you guys today I have a review on some Mineral Eyeshadows from EyesLipsFace or E.L.F. to most of you. Now I hardly ever see reviews on E.L.F. Products and I'm unsure if it's wether others find them to be subpar compared to higher end makeup or they just don't know about or don't want to try them because of how cheap they cost you to buy. But whatever the reason I think everyone should try at least 5 things from E.L.F. even if you buy only the $1 items. Whats the worst that could happen?

The E.L.F. line can be purchased online (E.L.F.) or at Target. Now the mineral eyeshadows I have here for you today at $3 each and to me that is a complete bargain. These last for a very long time so $3 each isn't a big deal when you think long term wise or financially wise either. These babies won't break the bank to buy them.

Now I've purchased E.L.F. products many of times and theres things that I have liked and then there's things that I could have gone without trying. But then again that's like that with every makeup line I've ever tried. I have products I love and can't live without and I have products where I wish I didn't even spend the money. With all that being said.... Here's the shadows I want to talk about today!

(Unfortunately before I could write this blog my baby brother decided to play with his big sisters makeup stuff and lose two of her mineral eyeshadows so instead of 14 I only have 12 to share with you today!)

Before I go into detail with each of these shadows, let me say there is ALOT of fall out as you should know with any type of loose eyeshadow(s), that should be no surprise!

::From Top To Bottom && Left To Right::
Socialite, Earthy, Celebrity, Royal
Confident, Dreamy, Outdoorsy, Sweet,
Glamorous, Elegant, Trendy, Wild

-This color is like a dark gray with Multicolored Shimmer, The purple shimmer stands out the most-

-This color is gorgeous green, It's got golden shimmer in it and it just glides on smoothly-

-This color is a very pale gold almost peach color. It's so pale that mostly just shimmer shows up not actual color.

-This is a deep dark royal purple hence the name Royal. It's got some shimmer (Blueish,purple) but not so much that it takes away from the intense purple color-

-Gorgeous Brown color with lots of golden shimmer throughtout and this color is intense as well-

-This color is just sooooo beautiful and breathtaking that when you see it you just want it so much. It's got shimmer in it, but it doesn't take away from it's intensity of baby blue. Even though it's an intense color it can be sheered out to almost nothing and built upon just like most of these shadows-

-gorgeous forest green with golden shimmer in it. This is a very intense color-

-Gorgeous sheer pink color. This color is very sheer when applied so you have to build it up to reach the intensity you desire-

-Dark pink color, with shimmer-
-This color looks white at first glance in the container but it has a peachy tone to it and it's just gorgeous in the inner corner and as a highlight, but beware of fallout-
-This color I just cant explain. It's not a brown color but its not a pink either It's just in between-

-Dark brown with gold shimmer and this color is very intense and gorgeous. It add definite depth to any look. It's great for creating a smokey brown look as well-
Socialite, Earthy, Celebrity, Royal

Socialite, Earthy, Celebrity, Royal

Confident, Dreamy, Outdoorsy, Sweet

Confident, Dreamy, Outdoorsy, Sweet

Glamorous, Elegant, Trendy, Wild

Glamorous, Elegant, Trendy, Wild

And that folks is the end of my post :) I hope you enjoyed what I had to show you and these are pretty good quality shadows for the price that they cost. $3 Each from E.L.F. Check 'em out when you can and let me know what you think. And if you already own some let me know your own experience with these shadows and how you feel about them wether you like or dislike them. Thanks!!

Remember your Beautiful <3


  1. Nice post! Those swatches look beautiful! They remind me a lot of the bareMinerals loose eyeshadows- but at a fraction of the cost ;)

  2. I've never tried the bareMinerals before but my mom has some of there shadows I'm going to have to test them out to see if their both in the same ballpark.

    and yeah the cost is what made me try them out and e.l.f had a get 10 free mineral eyeshadows with a $25 purchase so I couldnt pass that up thats $30 free right there.