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Saturday, March 10, 2012

MAC Eye Shadows?!? & Others

Hey beautiful,

So I'm thinking about trying out a couple of products from MAC. I have never purchased MAC anything before because I always thought they were too expensive back when I wasnt into makeup as much as I am now. And yes MAC is overpriced in some areas but eyeshadow wise I've spent way more money one Eyeshadow from different cosmetic companies that have MAC beat in price. 

So I've been doing my research on different things that MAC has to offer and I think I've narrowed down the prodcts that I want to try from MAC. Of course all the products won't be a one time purchase because I'm not made of money! This will be an over time purchase. But anyways let's get down to business. 

I want to try the MAC brush cleaner. I think $13 for a brush cleaner is not bad at all cuz I know a lot of other cleaners that cost way more. Of course I'm not too sure about this I do want to try E.L.F. Cosmetics brush cleaner and brush shampoo first $3 each. So if I don't like those then maybe I'll try MAC.

I also want to try MAC Fix + I've heard soo much about this product. I havent checked out the price yet but I believe it's under $20 of course I don't think I need it that bad so that's a purchase that can wait!

I also want to try the MAC palettes (15 count) to hold any shadows I do buy, buy I've heard that the Z Palette's are better and hold more shadows. Now I know that Mac can hold up to 25 or 25 shadows if you take out that divider piece so I will just have to see go by cost and longevity and which one holds MORE!! I personally wish E.L.F. would come out with a palette that holds even 10 eyeshadows because they already have one that hold 4 shadows (yes you can put MAC shadows in them) and thats only $1 so I know if they made bigger ones it wouldn't be as expensive and probably just as good of a quality!! *FINGERS CROSSED* that E.L.F. does this, but until then.....

Okay so I think that sums it up on stuff from MAC that's not shadows and now...... on to the eyeshadows!!

So the colors that I want to eventually buy are a lot but I'm only going to talk about the eyeshadows I KNOW i want to buy and try and probably will love.. but we'll just have to wait and see!!

1. Woodwinked-heard sooo many good things about this eyeshadow! and I've seen the color pay off and swatches and I can honestly say I would definitely love it!

2. Vanilla- I hear this is a good highlight color or inner corner color that I want to try. I'm always looking for nice highlight colors.

3. Naked Lunch- This shadow has been raved about so many times I must try it plus the color is super pretty for my skin tone which is like medium/olive! I can never tell lol I'm usually very light in the face!

4. Phloof!- I saw this color and said gotta have it! I'm all about them highlight colors! Plus on a day I just want some shadow and nothing too detailed or crazy this color looks like it would be cute to just swipe over the lid!

5. Cranberry- Now this color is a MUST HAVE!! I saw this color and said I've got to have it. It might be overrated or whatever but I love cranberry like colors and DUH it's callec cranberry so I'm like YAY!! PERFECTION!

6. Trax- Is another color that's raved about and I saw it in the sultry palette from the winter collection or whatever the heck its called. I'm not hip to the names, but it was another OOOHH color!

7. Satin Taupe- This is a color that I've been told by many to purchase purchase purchase so I guess Imma do what I'm told lol

8. All that glitters is a color that I hear about ALL THE TIME!! So I'm going to have to check this color the heck out!

9. Carbon- Im in need of a matte black and can never find one and any that I've found in the past are not totally matte or the color pay off sucks major butt!

10. Honey Lust- I saw this color in a palette by probably my favorite youtube guru Ms. MakeupbytiffanyD and I loved it! And I have to have it!

11. Exspensive Pink- This color looks too damn gorgeous. Pink is a great color and it's not a light pink that would make you look sickly and it has those gold undertones which just screams amazing!

12. Arena- This looks so close to my skin tone and I need one of those colors. It's gorgeous looking too and would be the perfect transition color on my lids.

And that folks wraps up my MAC shopping list! I'll let you know how it all goes when I can finally purchase these items!!

TOODLES && Remember your beautiful <3


  1. Hi Desiree- just thought I would let you know, if I were you I would skip the brush cleaner & spend your money elsewhere. I personally have been using either shampoo or gentle antibacterial soap to clean my brushes for years and it works perfectly, have never had any problems. Just a thought! :)

    Also, have you ever thought of looking into the Urban Decay Naked Palettes? They each have a wide range of colors, many similar to the ones you have listed above. And you really get a ton of product for the price! In my opinion, I actually think the quality of UD eyeshadows is nicer than MAC. Sorry kinda went off on a rant!! Hope this helps you in your makeup shopping :)

    1. Hey Louise, Thanks so much! I've heard good and bad things about the brush cleaner and right now I to use antibaterial soap as a way to clean my brushes. So thanks I think im going to give the E.L.F. ones a try first since their only $3 and I'll use it on my cheap brushes first that I'm not afraid to be without. LOL

      And I have the UD Naked Palette (The Original) And I want the Naked 2. I did notice that some of them were similar to my Naked palette of course after I composed my list haha. But I will defintely be rethinking my choices again. I've gone back and forth many times about what I really want to purchase from MAC and what I could live without. Decisions Decisions..

      And Don't worry about any ranting I go rant crazy all the time so your not alone!! See all that crap I wrote above? TOTAL RANT!!! lol

      Thanks && totally helped!!