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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Review on my Ulta Haul Items

Hey Beautiful,

So it's that time to review the items from my haul, but of course I've just been in my own world that I haven't tried every single thing I've purchased ENOUGH times to review it so.... SORRY!! (I'm not a use once and review kind of girl because I don't even know if I like something until I get a good use out of it. Now since I put pics up of everything in my Haul video I won't have pics up in this post. However I will be going into detail about each item I hauled. If you haven't already caught my post about my Haul you can check it out here ----> 

**(**      ULTA HAUL      **)**

There now you can't miss it HAHA

The NYX White Shadow Base is something I use absolutely everyday! I don't even touch any of my most loved primers anymore since I've bought this. SMH My stilla prime pot has been neglected as well as my UDPP's. I just love this stuff, but I need to lay off if I don't want to use it all up, but that shouldn't happen anytime soon since a little goes such a long way.

Ulta Fabulous Face Liquid Foundation is my love. I have yet to find a foundation that does what this does for me. I haven't tried those pricey foundations yet and as of right now I won't be at least until the summer time when I have to get a darker shade and unfortunately I already have the darkest shade they carry :(. But for now this is my go to foundation and I don't want to try anything else. It's oil-free and gives me a medium coverage which is great for me because I don't need a full coverage right now and if I want to sheer it out I just add a little moisturizer. And I love that it has SPF. As well as does my other face products so I'm SPF'd out lol.

Eyeshadow Quad with the colors Mystique, Bone, Gold Dust, and Espresso- Now this quad right here is...... AWESOME i love the colors in it and when you look at them their really not anything special but somehow I've been reaching for this quad everyday since the day I got it and I've used at least one color from it anytime I do a look. I just love Mystique and Espresso. It just calls to me.. You ask why Desiree and I say well guys I really don't fricken know. It beats me lol, but alas I love it so.

Nail Polish in Peach Parfait... Now as I said in my other post (up top is the link to it). I wasn't feeling this color so I gave it to my mom who actually used it on her nails and now the color in pictures and in real life looks like its going to be a bright orange color (i was like why is called PEACH parfait??), but it's really not. It's a light peachy/orange color and it is a sheer nail polish so a couple of coats would have to do and that intensifies the color, but not by much! All in All my mom liked it :) So i guess it was a win win for someone :)

Ulta Volumptuous Volume Mascara is awesome!!! Now granted you do have to apply at least two coats to actually get the lash look I WANT (idk about anyone else lol), but I love this mascara. I love the sturdiness of the brush it's not flimsy and It's great on my bottom lashes as well and most mascaras you need a seperate mascara for your bottom lashes. Not this bad boy!! My lashes don't look VOLUMPTUOUS, but I see definite volume in them. Which just as good!

Ulta 's Cheek Color in Flush is something that when you see it on the computer and even in store it doesn't look to be on the pink side it looks more brown toned but in the picture I took it's definitely like a mauve color if you even want to call it that. I love this blush. I'm not a big blush person like I've said before I'm all about eye makeup so I've just been really getting into the face aspect of it all, but I've had a couple of blushes that I never liked and I love this one. I'll probably find something way better, but since it's $7 I'm not that hung up on finding other brands. I definitely want to try the other cheek colors from Ulta's line.

And the makeup bag that most of the products came in. I love it holds my everyday makeup so I don't have to go looking for my everyday stuff everywhere in their sections I can just open up my bad and bam there they are. Of course the products in this bag on in rotation all the fricken time.

And speaking of my everyday makeup I have another post coming by the end of this month on my new everyday makeup items. I will probably have one of those type of posts a lot since I'm always putting things into rotation and when I find something I love I use it like crazy until I go out shopping and find something new to love. I'm just horrible!!

Hope you guys enjoyed the review! I enjoyed trying out all these items for you and myself :)

Remember Ladies.... Your Beautiful <3 Until Next Time

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