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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hey Beautiful,

This is a website I think people should check out. They have a wonderful array of products to choose from and you can fill out your own beauty profile!! 

check it out :) 


and remember your beautiful <3

SIgma Brush Essential Kit Review

Hey Beautiful, 

I recently purchased some brushes from Sigma. For those of you who don't know who or what sigma is, it's a company that makes amazing quality brushes and their brushes are compared to MAC a lot. I however have never bought a MAC brush as their price range is too expensive for my blood right now. So I won't be comparing them to MAC brushes, and even if I did own MAC brushes I still wouldn't do a comparison because this is a company who is making it's own and that's not fair to compare them to another company. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hey Beautiful,

I know that a lot of people always have questions about blending eyeshadows. You know that you have to blend them because sharp lines in your makeup is not flattering, but even though people have heard it time and time again not all know how to blend eyeshadows together well without it looking out 'muddy' or just an all over hot mess becoming one whole color (that's overkill on the blending by the way). So I'm here to help out with some tips that I've learned along the way to help me blend my eyeshadows better. Practice makes perfect so if theres a look you want to try or wear out do it a couple days/nights in advance and practice. And remember that blending takes time so take that extra time to blend out your shadows. Pratice and Patience :)


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Favorite Products!!

Hey Beautiful,

This is going to be a post about some of my Favorite products of all time! This will not include my fav products of February which will be up the first week of March.. (Every Month during the first week of a new month I will put up a post of my favorite products from the month before. Wether it's just one or two products to a whole list! Of course to make it enjoyable I will try to but at least 5 new products every month. Now back to this post! Favorite Products!! 

So some of these I have had for a long time or have been repurchased lots of times because I just love them so gosh darn much.

Beginners MakeUp

Hey Beautiful,

Now I know there are some people who don't know anything about make up or are just getting started with makeup and they don't know what to get or where to get these products. I'm going to list the different products that I think are a staple when anyone is starting up a makeup collection of their own. Now the products I'm listing are just my opinion on what I think people should start out with but I'm not saying that these are the products/brands that you must have and must buy! Make up just like alot of things in life is about trial and error so you have to find what works for you because no two people are the same! So I hope you guys enjoy and I hope this is helpful to some!

Im going to break this down into sections: face, eyes, lips, etc.