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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ULTA HAUL :) & First Impressions

Hey Beautiful,

So on Friday I went to Ulta for the first time ever and I got some goodies that I wanted to share with you guys :) Hope you Enjoy!!

Ok so I was excited to go into Ulta (I'm applying for a job there so wish me luck) and I loved it. I live in York, PA as of Thursday haha. So I have a chance to work there doing and being surrounded by something that I love. *FINGERS CROSSED*

Now I saw online before I went that Ulta had a promo that if you spent $17.50 or more on ULTA Brand products you would be able to get a 13 piece gift set for free and that gift set originates as $88.

::So I Bought::

NYX Eyeshadow Base in White. Retails for about $6.99 and I have wanted to purchase this for a long time because I just love the jumbo pencil in milk so I was already knew the white base would be amazing.

Ulta Fabulous Face Liquid Foundation $12.50. I needed a new liquid foundation so I decided to give the Ulta one a try. The price is good and definitiely within my budget. It's Oil-Free which is great for me. So I'm def excited to try this out. (I will keep you guys updated with a review on the product soon by the end of this month).

Ulta Super shiny lip gloss in the color Princess. $8 and this gloss color is gorgeous. I loved it and it's a perfect pink color. I have tried it already and it's sheer but I still love it, but however for that price I think that the color payoff could have been better.

Now for my freebie gift set. It's 13 pieces all together.

1.Eyeshadow brush
2.Angled Face Brush
3.Sponge Applicator Brush
::Top To Bottom::
Eyeshadow Brush, Angled Face Brush, and Sponge Brush

4.Eyeshadow Quad with the colors Mystique, Bone, Gold Dust, and Espresso *more about this in my future ulta foundation review*

::Left to Right::
Mystique, Bone, Gold Dust, Espresso

::Top To Bottom::
Mystique and Bone
Gold Dust and Espresso

5. Eyeshadow Quad with the colors Sun-Kissed, Stardust, Mocha, and Canyon *more about this in my future ulta foundation review*

::Left To Right::
Sun-Kissed, Stardust, Mocha, Canyon
::Top To Bottom::
Sun-Kissed and Stardust
Mocha and Canyon

*The color pay off on these shadows is great and even more lasting with the NYX shadow base which is what i used under the shadows. I've used the First quad so far with the colors Mystique, Bone, Gold Dust, and Espresso. It came out really great :)

6.Ulta Volumptuous Volume Mascara in Jet Black. I havent used this yet but I have looked at the brush and I love the brush. We'll see how this mascara turns out.

7. Ulta Double Sided LipGloss with the colors Natural and Flirtini

8.Nail polish in the color Peach Parfait. I'm not a big nail polish person and the color is a bit too brigh for me.

9. Ulta Cheek Color in Flush. This Blush is a gorgeous nude color. I love the color of this blush. And if after a few uses I love the lasting power and the way it looks I think I will definitely purchase more blushes by this brand. And It's only $7 which is definitely in my budget :) *More on this in my ulta foundation review post*

The Color that shows in this picture in more on the pink side but when you look at the blush its more on the brown/nude side with pink undertones. I LOVE IT!!

10. Dual Ended Eyeliner #1 in the colors bronze and black

11. Dual Ended Eyeliner #2 in the colors Deep Brown and Chocolate

12.Lipstick in the #226. No color (Sorry) This lipstick color is a color I can't explain. It's not brown but its not a nude. I would say its a brown with coral undertones. I'm not sure how I feel about this color *more on this in my ulta foundation review post*

13.And last the little bag that all the products come inside. I love getting free makeup bags because I can always use them for something somehow and someway. I will definitely be using this bag soon.

Well guys that was my very first Ulta haul and I liked the experience that I had. I will definitely be going there time and time again. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I will definitely keep you updated on the things I bought and how I liked them or didn't like them. So until next time.. remember your beautiful <3

Leave comments/suggestions below :)

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