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Monday, April 9, 2012

March 2012 Favorites

Hey Beautiful,

So it's time for my march favorites post and a lot of this stuff has definitely already been mentioned in previous posts from March. Some of these products I talked about in a review post earlier in march so I'm not going into too much detail about each product. Some products are products that I've had for a long time and have been loving recently. Forewarned my pictures werent uploading properly and I've already this post off for so long so I'll post it up and hopefully I can repost it again with pictures at a later date! Thanks

::Ulta Fabulous Liquid Foundation in Buff Beige::

I think for March my absolute most favorite new thing that I bought would have to be the This color is absolutely perfect for my skin tone and one of the most hardest things for me to do is match liquid foundations to my skintone. The price for it is $12.50 and I love the way it blends well into my skin and makes it so that I don't look like I have soo much product on my skin. It's not necessrily a matte finish its more on the dewy side but I can easily just mattify it with my setting powder which I use anyways so I'm not adding any extra products to make this matte.

::PRIME TIME foundation primer::

My mom had an extra one of this and so she gave it to me. It's the trial size freebie one so the original size is $22 at Ulta and it's bBare Escentuals. I like this primer and the regular price is definitely not bad especially for the actual size. I think I will purchase again when I run out of my other primers first. It doesn't leave my skin greasy and it makes my pores around my nose and cheeks smaller.

::Ulta Cheek Color Blush-Flush::

This is priced at $7 and it's a smaller sized blush than most blushes by other companies but I think the size is perfect especially if you like to carry your products in your purse for later. This right now is my go to blush unless I find something different or better that I like and for the price it can't be beat. It lasts all day on my skin and I have oily skin. 

::Eyeshadow Quad by Ulta::

I mentioned this quad in my ulta haul and it's the one with the colors Mystique, Bone, Gold Dust, and Espresso. If you couldn't already tell it's the brown tone quad and I have uses this quad so much this month. I use at least one or two colors from thsi quad about everyday. They sell the individual colors for $7 each. And it's the Ulta line and I love the pigmentation on these shadows and they last all day for me. 

::Ulta Volumtuous Volume Mascara-Jet Black::

This is a really great mascara. The brush is so sturdy and not flimsy which I hate. The color pay off is great. I don't need two coats of this mascara one is enough for me, but of course I like a little extra with my mascaras so I had a second coat just to give it that extra oomph. It doesn't give me that clumpy look either. Then again I've never had a mascara look clumpy on me unless I go out of my way to make it clumpy. NO NO lol

::Rimmel Bronzer::

This bronzer gives me the perfect color for my skintone. it's not too light and not overly dark either. I use this to contour or as an all over bronzer on those days where I need a little more. My skin tone during the year is actually pretty light and it's only during the summer that I get dark if I'm out in the sun.

::NYX White Base:: 

I love this product to brighten any eye look I'm doing. It doesn't crease at all for me and I don't have to put on a shadow base beforehand like you do with NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk. That stuff creases and you would think this would do but it's totally different and works wonders. I use this stuff every single time I do my makeup even when I'm trying looks at home which I shouldn't do since I have some cheaper shadow bases I should be using lol. 

::Miracle Worker Dark Spot Correct (Free Sample)::

I got this as a free sample from sephora back in Feb. and I've been using it a lot this month. I like that my dark spots on my face are becoming lighter with this products. The bigger areas like my cheeks where I contour have bigger dark spots so they are taking a little bit longer to fade, but their still getting lighter. I don't have too bad of acne so once my dark spots are cleared up I can go back to just wearing my tinted moisturizer and Im out the door. 

::Embryolisse Lait Creme::

I had this in my Feb. 2012 favs post and it made it back for another round. I LOVE this stuff. I use it when I feel that my skin needs an extra boost of moisture during the day when I'm home. I use this as my daily moisturizer when I'm wearing makeup and It just makes my skin so smooth and soft. Definitely worth the $25 price.

::Maybelline Eyeshadow Quad in Give Me Gold::

This quad has always been a favorite since I bought it almost a year ago, but lately I've been reaching for it again almost everyday. When I first bought this quad I was going through a golden look phase and I wore these colors a lot. Now it seems like a year later I'm reaching for this quad again over and over. My gold color is basically gone, but I have a duo from maybelline that was limited edition with the copper gold color and I have the single copper color eyeshadow from Maybelline as well so I'm set for a while. I love the brown in the quad and I've even been loving the yellow color a lot lately as well.. All in all this quad is a must have for me. I'm using one of the colors from it if not all for a look this month. We'll see what eyeshadow I'm loving for april since I'm always going for the same everyday look for a month then a new everyday look the next month and so on. haha

And that is all for the month of march. Not too many items at all this month. A heads up I'm not sure if I will be doing a April Favorites because I've just moved and still looking for a new job so buying some new stuff right now isn't going to be a priority. Which makes me so sad cuz I love buying new makeup and trying some new stuff. But until next time toodles

What are your favorite products of this month? Have you tried any of the products I mentioned before. Your Thoughts? Leave your comments below & subscribe if you like. Will reciprocate as well :) Appreciate it!

Remember Your Beautiful <3

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