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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Haul :)

Hey Beautiful,

I have another haul. I got this stuff on thursday but I took me forever to get myself situated and stuff to be able to sit down and write a post for you guys. But im all settled in and I got some stuff. This stuff was given to me by my mom except the bronzer I purchased that a while back. We did a swamp with some stuff so I didnt pay for these products. None of these products are high end and their all under $10 as far as I know except for the estee lauder bag. Hope you enjoy.

I got a new makeup bag by estee lauder to keep in my purse. In this I will hold all my makeup products I like to keep in my purse, but dont want spilling or getting loose and causing chaos. It's the perfect size for my bag and holds alot of products and it's a nice pink color (I'm not a big fan of pink lol).

Rimmel Bronzer in the shade 022 Sun Bronze. I like this bronzer so far but it seems a little light for my skin tone. I purchased this from walgreens for less than $6.

Extra Lasting Lipgloss from Avon in the color continuous copper. It's shimmery and gold toned and I LOVE IT! It's got a semi nice smell to it theres an underneath smell that I can't put my finger on though, but it's not enough to bother me.

Maybelline Expertwear brownish black retractable pencil and I like this color for my eyebrows.

A Trio from Avon with these gorgeous colors. I saw this and gasped and said oooooo I WANT IT!! lol and I got it! These colors are so ME!!

I-Mark eyeshadow singles in the colors Biscotti and Glitterati. Biscotti is the perfect highlight color and I will def use this quite a lot if not everyday.

Biscotti (TOP)
Glitterati (BOTTOM)

Avon lipliner in the color T110 shimmer mauve

Avon Glimmerstick in G04 Blackest Night. This eyeliner is retractable and WATERPROOF :)

Avon eyeliner in U40 Dark Brown

This is everything I got and I've used a couple of them so far and I like them. I will try to give you a review later this month when I review the stuff I got in my Ulta haul (Check that out). Hope you enjoyed and Leave comments/suggestions below.

Remember your Beautiful <3

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