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Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Everyday Makeup

Hey Beautiful,

My everyday makeup look isn't too much an it's something I can do in 10 minutes tops!! Your everyday makeup look whatever it may be shouldn't take too much time or be too many makeup products and that's not including moisturizer or primer either. When your doing an everyday look you want to just go with the things that add a little extra something but don't make it obvious that you spent forever in front of the mirror. Now this post isn't about the actual products I use it's just about the types of products I use. This is ALWAYS changing. I can't stress that enough

::The products I like to use are::

1. A great moisturizer and definitely something with SPF in it since I'll be outside (I don't wear makeup just to be in the house unless I'm trying out a new make up idea). My favorite moisturizers are Aveeno Positively Radiant with SPF 15, Embryolisse, or Garnier Moisture Rescue with SPF 15.

2. Face Primer because if I'm wearing makeup I'm not going without my primer before any makeup application. I like to use too faced primed and poreless or covergirls serum primer with olay sold at any drugstore.

3. Tinted moisturizer is what I usually wear on an everyday basis if I'm going somewhere. I don't want anything too heavy on my face and wearing this tinted moisturizer always gets me compliments on my complexion. That tinted moisturizer is Ultra Defense by Urban Decay in bulletproof :) love this stuff!!

4. A little setting powder in case it's hot out and because I do have combo/oily skin. My favorite powders are maybellines fit me brand, loreal true match is amazing :) , and E.L.F. Cosmetics powder in honey for a dollar!! I just apply my powder lightly and my face is done :) sometimes I add a little bronzer but mostly I don't. If I do I'm currently loving E.L.F. Cosmetics matte bronzing powder also for a dollar :)

With all that completed the face is done and that all takes me less than 3 minutes not including my moisturizer because I let that sink into my skin for about 5 minutes before I apply anything to my face.

5. I'll use either a brown eyeshadow a gold eyeshadow or both on my eyes.. This I can do quick and in my sleep so that takes me 2 minutes tops.

6. Next comes eyeliner which of course I never ever leave the house without I can go without eyeshadow I can go without foundation I can even go without primer but I will never ever go without eyeliner. Eyeliner is my absolute favorite makeup product of all time and I own very many and I love them so much!! My favorite eyeliner right now would have to be loreal 16hr infallible liner in carbon black second best is millani and millani would be first but washing that stuff away is brutal it's that's lasting!!

7. Now I just add a little mascara and my favorite ones are from maybelline (3) and one from loreal. I absolutely love collosal volum express by maybelline that's the yellow tube :) I only need about one coat since my eyelashes are already pretty long :)

8. And the last thing I do is some lipgloss of course.. Now most of the time I don't need to apply this at home because I always have at least 4 in my purse.. Lipgloss is probably the one thing I own the most of and probably more than eyeshadow (maybe). My favorite at the moment is this nude shimmer color by sinful colors. The name on mine came off or was never there and I haven't seen them selling anywhere since after Christmas :( so when I run out it'll suck..

But those are my favorite products that I use everyday hopefully that wasn't too crazy and it seems like a lot but it take me less than 10 minutes to pull it all together so it's really not.. I'm going to do my everyday look for you guys soon and put up some pictures in a post titled everyday look :)

Remember your beautiful <3

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