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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Must Have Make Up Brushes

Hey Beautiful,

So lots of people are always asking about brushes and what brush is used for what and which brush is better and all that jazz. So I decided to make a post about the brushes I think are Must Haves. Now most videos and blogs that I have seen about Brushes usually only list higher end brushes and in this post I will have some higher end brushes but for the most part all my brushes are cheaply priced. I recently bought some brushes from Sigma that I do love, but their the only high priced brushes I own. I havent spent alot of money on brushes before. So price wise this should benefit a lot of people.

Ok so it may look like I'm showing you a whole bunch of Must Have brushes but really I'm not. For some of them I have a couple brushes that I like for example blending brushes I have 4 blending brushes that I really like. So hope you enjoy and their will be pictures and I will try to give you the prices to the best of my knowledge and where to purchase as well.


1. Foundation Brush. I personally think everyone needs a foundation brush wether its to apply liquid, cream, powder, etc. You need a brush to do it. So my favorite LIQUID foundation brush to use is the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki that cost $16 individually. I like the way this brush blends out my foundation flawlessly and it doesnt leave any streak marks  and it blends it to perfection making it look as if I just naturally have some good looking skin. 

2. Powder Foundation Brush. Now I have two brushes that I love for applying any kind of powder foundation to my face or setting powder for those of you just using powder to set your foundation and not as your foundation (if that makes sense lol). I like to use the Sigma F30 Large Powder Brush which is believe is $19 individually (my sigma brushes were part of a kit which made it cheaper to purchase). I love this brush to set my foundation because of the size. The size makes it perfect to cover a large area fast. I don't have to spend time just applying a light dusting of setting powder like you do with some brushes. The softness makes it feel amazing on my face. I've had scratchy powder brushes before and all it did was irritate the heck out of my skin which made my pores go crazy and bumps appear. Not a good look at all. 

The second brush I love to use is a brush by Revlon. And I believe I bought it for $10 but it could have been more, but less than $15. This brush is the same size length wise as the F30, but the bristles are not as long as the F30. And definitely not as soft either. This brush is soft, but it could be softer when it comes to putting a brush on your face. These two brushes I just love to use.

3.Contour/Blush. I love using the Sigma F40 to contour my face. It's a large angled brush which makes it perfect for applying your contour. Now before I purchased this brush I would just use a small blush brush from Sonia Kashuk to apply my contour when I did contour (it's not an every day thing). I also use this brush to apply my blush color as well from time to time depending on my mood. 

4.Blush Brush. I like using the Sonia Kashuk blush brush. I don't know if this is what her originally blush brush looks like since mine was from a collection no longer sold at target ( I believe.) So I also don't know an individual price either but I think it's under $15. I like the softness of this brush. My only problem is the shedding of the brush. It does shed quite a lot from time to time. It never sheds when I'm washing, but it'll shed when I'm using the brush on my face. 

5. Concealer brush. Now this brush would have to be a hard one for me because I just don't favor any concealer brushes but I do believe that it's a must have brush. If only I could find one I loved. But I'll settle for like. Now I like the Sonia Kashuk concealer brush (also part of the collection I purchased so I don't know the price, but again most likely under $15). This brush is really soft like really soft. It's definitiely the softest concealer brush I have ever felt. I've always found with other concealer brushes that their too scratchy for the under eye area and end up irritating my under eye area. It would make the thin layer of skin there hurt. So for a long time I used my ring finger to apply my concealer and I still do from time to time, but I also like this brush as well. So I switch it up.

6. Blending Brushes. Now I have about 5 or 6 blending brushes total that I like so I won't talk too much about each one so I'm not having 50 million paragraphs lol

Okay my FAVORITE blending brush is the E.L.F. Cosmetics Blending brush. Now i mentioned this in my Blending post. This brush is part of the professional brush line by E.L.F. (white handles) All those brushes are $1. This brush is extrememly soft. I need to buy like two more :)

Next is a brush from my collection of brushes by Sonia Kashuk. It's a little more rough than the E.L.F. Blending brush and way more stiff as well. This individually is probably less than $10 at target by Sonia Kashuk.

The highlight brush by eco tools (part of their eye kit). This brush is labeled as a highlight brush but I only ever used it to blend out my eyeshadows. I don't know is this brush is sold seperately, but the eye kit is about $12 at most drugstores. 

Sigma E30 Pencil Brush is a brush that I use for precise crease work. But I also use it to blend out my precise crease work as well. It's small and precise shape makes it perfect when you want a precise blended out look. It doesn't over blend your eyeshadow making the work look bigger than where you wanted the eyeshadow placement. This brush individually is $9.

Sigma E25 (not sold as far as I know, but the E35 looks like the same exact brush. Mine was a freebie for spending over $30 at Sigma). It's a tapered blending brush and I love using this brush to blend out my eyeshadows. $9 for the E35.

Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush. This brush is so soft and fluffy. I just love it. This brush I use more for blending out farther away from my crease work. This brush I don't use for any detailed blending. I also like using this brush to apply my texture color when I'm blending shadows. $9

7. Highlight Brush (Eyes). Sigma E70 Medium Angled Brush. I love this brush for highlighting my under my brow. The shape makes it color placement perfect. This is $9 individually.

8. Eyeshadow Brushes (Lid). I have two that I love and their both by Sonia Kashuk. I think their both about $8-$10 individually. The first one is the Sonia Kashuk small or medium eyeshadow brush I'm not sure which. And the second one is a regualr eyeshadow brush (it's part of the collection i purchased at target). They both work great and their both really soft and pack on color great.

9. Eyeliner &/or Eyebrow Brush. I love using an angled brush to apply my gel liner to my lashline or for filling in my brows. And the E65 from sigma is the perfect brush for that. The size is perfect. and the price is just $9 individually. Now before I bought this brush I was using one from studio 35 from Walgreens. It was the double sided brush with the angled brush at one end and an eyeshadow brush at the other. I like this brush but the angled brush was a little too thick for applying gel liner and/or filling in my brows. So this brush is definitiely what I was looking for. 

10. Smudge Brush. I like using my Sonia Kashuk Small Smudger brush under $10 from target. This brush is great for applying color under my bottom lashes or smudging out my gel or kohl liner when I want to do a smokey eye. This brush is pretty small though so sometimes it can be a little bit of work when smoking out above your lashline. I would also recommend the Sonia Kashuk smudger brush from one of her collections. 

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