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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SIgma Brush Essential Kit Review

Hey Beautiful, 

I recently purchased some brushes from Sigma. For those of you who don't know who or what sigma is, it's a company that makes amazing quality brushes and their brushes are compared to MAC a lot. I however have never bought a MAC brush as their price range is too expensive for my blood right now. So I won't be comparing them to MAC brushes, and even if I did own MAC brushes I still wouldn't do a comparison because this is a company who is making it's own and that's not fair to compare them to another company. 

This review is my honest opinion and I'm not associated or being paid by this company to do this review. All my posts that I have made and will make in the future are all my honest opinion and nothing less.

Now for the brushes. I purchased the Sigma Essential Kit. This is a kit with 12 brushes and it retails for $89. I also purchased the Flat Top Kabuki F80 brush for $16 as well as receiving the E25 brush for free as the company sends you a free gift if you spend over $30 (I'm only assuming that the gifts are not the same every time so it's possible for you not to receive this brush if you make a purchase over $30.) The E25 is also not sold individually but the E30 looks to be the same brush. I'm going to be saying what I use each brush for, not reading from what the site says the brushes can be used for. 

Now be for warned my brushes are dirty. Not disgustingly so, but some of them are dirty because I used them before I posted this. I've had these brushes for about a week so if anyone wants a more updated review about them later on just let me know in the comments below and I will review them again at the end of March. Now that all that's done lets get on with it shall we? If you want to know more about these brushes in my opinion then scroll on down.. See Ya!


Okay when you receive these brushes they come in a cute pouch (mine was purple) and the brushes are located inside as well as this little pamphlet on what each brush can be used for.  Now mine came with two pamphlets. One for the Essential 12 Piece Kit and one for the F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush. (The F80 is a part of another collection called the Synthetic Kabuki Kit, but the brushes can be purchased individually).

Now I was completely excited when I opened this package up. The brushes had black handles that were shiny and sleek looking. The sigma logo on the handle along with the name of each shines multicolored when it hits the light. 

This is how it comes packaged

This is the back view (these pictures are after I've already used them so their dirty)

Pamphlet that came with F80 Flat Top Kabuki

Pamphlet that came with the Essential Kit


F80 Flat Top Kabuki- I've heard so many great things about this brush for the use of blending your liquid foundation and so of course I wanted a good brush that would make my foundation application look flawless. This brush is everything they say it is and more. I love this brush so much. There's no shedding of any kind so far and it blends my foundation out better than any brush I have ever tried before.

F30 Large Powder Brush- I use this brush to apply my setting powder or any all over powder to my face. This brush is one of the softest brushes I have ever felt and there's absolutely no shedding. I've spot cleaned these brushes everyday to every other day. I will be washing them later today so we will see how they hold up. This is absolutely the best powder brush that I have ever tried before and the biggest as well. All around great brush.

F50 Duo Fibre Brush- I use this brush to apply my blush when I'm not using my Contour brush. This brush isn't one of my favorite brushes but I don't dislike it. The good thing about this brush is that it is made of synthetic and natural bristles so it works well with liquid, cream, powder, etc. This brush is very soft but I wish it was a little more denser. The brushes aren't packed in there as well as I would want them to be for this brush to become a favorite.

F60 Foundation Brush- This is one of the brushes in this collection and by any company for that matter that I just don't like. I've never liked what you would call the traditional foundation brush. Their just not for me. I however use this brush to apply my moisturizer and/or primer most of the time to my face, but I feel like this brush gets most of the product and my face isn't getting the best use of the products I'm using. This is definitely my least favorite brush by any company and it's definitely my least favorite from Sigma as well. 

F70 Concealer Brush- This brush is another kind of brush that for some reason I just dislike from any company. The sigma one isn't too bad it is however very small so using it on my face can take a while especially my under eye area. It would be a good brush to use to apply cream shadows to the eye area. I try to find uses for this brush as I don't want any of them to go unused since I paid money for them

F40 Large Angled Contour Brush- Before I give my review of this brush I just want to say that this brush is not for sale individually on the website. They however do have a small contour brush but it is not angled. Now this brush is one of my favorites. With this brush came my love for contouring. I never had the right brush when it came to contouring and as I don't need to contour too much I could let it slide, but once I received this brush I was like ahhhhh :) lol. This brush has definitely helped with contouring so much and I think personally is the best brush to use for contouring. I usually use this brush for my blush application as well because I like how soft it is and how well it blends everything out and it applies my blush beautifully as well. So I definitely need two of these brushes but I will have to find another alternative since it's not sold right now :( That's a major downside!!


E25 Blending Brush- This brush was a freebie from Sigma and I'm so glad that they gave it to me because this brush is one of my favorite blending brushes now. This brush is almost like the tapered blending brush E35 (which i want to buy as well as the E25 is not a brush for sale anywhere on the website). 

E70 Medium Angled Shading Brush- I love how soft this brush is. I like to use this to apply my highlight color to my brow and sometimes my inner corner as well, but def my highlight brush for my eyes. This brush is great at applying the perfect amount and blending it out well. I use to use a big flat shader brush but I've been converted over.. The thing that I noticed about this brush that is better than a big shader brush is that it follows your arch well so the color placement is perfect and its not so big that it gets to close to any other work that your doing on your eyes. This brush is my new go to highlight brush. 

E30 Pencil Brush- I've wanted this type of brush for so long. I just didn't want to spend alot of money on one brush and so I was glad when this came as part of the set. This brush individually is only $9 so I would have bought it had it not come with the set. Now this brush I use for so many different things it's probably the brush that has the most variety of uses in my collection at the moment. This brush I use for precise crease work. When I want the color payoff to be precisely somewhere this brushes' size makes that completely possible and it's a good blending brush as well. I also use this brush alot for highlighting my inner corner as it's small and precise in size. I love to use this brush to smudge out eyeliner and to place color under my bottom lashes. This brush is definitely your go to brush when your making a smoked out look of any sorts.

E55 Eye Shading Brush- I like this brush I don't love it. It's a good sized brush and its very dense so you can definitely pack on color and it'll give you great color payoff and you won't have to keep applying and applying shadow either. Now I'm not really sure what I don't like about this brush because I haven't figured it out yet. Every time I do my makeup I use this brush, but there's something I don't like about it. It's not anything right off or obvious at least with me and all around its a good brush. Maybe it's the size. *SHRUGGS* IDK lol

E60 Large Shader Brush- I use this brush to apply any kind of primer to my eye lids or any creme shadows or bases as well. This brush is a brush that I use everyday, but it's not a brush that I must use to complete a look. I can apply my shadow bases and primers just as well with my fingers. But I still reach for it everyday and before this brush I did use my fingers so maybe that's saying something :)

E40 Tapered Blending Brush- This is the blending brush with the black bristles and this brush is so soft and fluffy it's crazy. I love how fluffy this brush is. This is one of my favorite blending brushes as well as many other. I love blending brushes more than any other brush on the market. I own more blending brushes than any other kind as well. I want to buy the E30 Tapered Blending Brush from sigma as well that's the blending brush with the white bristles. 

E05 Eyeliner Brush- This brush I do like but I don't find myself reaching for it too much. There's nothing wrong with this brush but I prefer using the small angle brush better to place on my eyeliner. This brush however is perfect to do the winged out part of my eyeliner. It's also a great brush to dip into your lquid liner to use if you have a great liquid liner you love but hate the brush that comes with it as so many of us do a lot of the time. 

E65 Small Angle Brush- I love using this brush for various things. I use this brush to fill in my eyebrows as its the perfect size and shape. I use it to apply my gel liner as well as smudge out my liner when I want that smokey look. This brush has many uses for being such a small brush. I like that it's thinly angled as some angled brushes can be on the thicker side which is not something that I like.

Those are all of the brushes in the Essential Kit as well as two extra ones. SIgma brushes are my new favorite brushes and I will be making more purchases from them soon. Thanks for reading and until next time guys. Leave any comments/suggestions below and if there's any kind of specific posts you want just let me know and I'll try to accomidate :)

And Remember you're Beautiful <3

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