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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hey Beautiful,

I know that a lot of people always have questions about blending eyeshadows. You know that you have to blend them because sharp lines in your makeup is not flattering, but even though people have heard it time and time again not all know how to blend eyeshadows together well without it looking out 'muddy' or just an all over hot mess becoming one whole color (that's overkill on the blending by the way). So I'm here to help out with some tips that I've learned along the way to help me blend my eyeshadows better. Practice makes perfect so if theres a look you want to try or wear out do it a couple days/nights in advance and practice. And remember that blending takes time so take that extra time to blend out your shadows. Pratice and Patience :)


1. Always apply a eyeshadow base to your eye lids from the lashline to the brow. If this base is a liquid it should dry to a powder-like substance if not then you can always just apply that base to your lids and then apply a flesh tone (one that matches your skin tone) powder from the brow to where that liquid eye base is so that they meet. This process helps your shadows blend well together when you do begin to blend above your crease. 

2. The second most important step is the brush(es) your using! You need a blending brush and they come in different sizes and shapes. A dense dome-shaped blending brush works best. *(At the bottom of this post will be a list of my favorite blending brushes, descriptions on them, etc.)* 

And try to remember that when your holding your makeup brush(es) to hold them closer to the end of the brush never too tightly or too close to the ferrule (metal part). You should let the brush do the work for you. It helps blend seemlessly instead of over-combining everything together (again that 'muddy effect').

3. When blending out eyeshadows you should definitely take your time. Start with a little color blending each application of color out and build up from there. (This means that when you put a shadow in your crease/above your crease you should blend it out before you add more color to build upon. Always blend, but do so lighlty and before building color so that you don't create that 'muddy' effect). 

It's easier to add color than to take color away (if you try to take away you will mess up your whole look and have to start over... NOT FUN!!). But remember that when you are blending your trying to blend out the harsh lines so do so as to not compromise the intensity of your eyeshadow color(s), so you should only blend around the shape that you are trying to achieve. You want a faded out (or gradient) look not a 'muddy' one.

4. When Blending shadows you always go darkest to lightest whether its inner to outter corner or lashline to browbone. Placement of colors is important because when using light colors they will brighten up areas or make them look bigger whereas dark colors create shadows and make things look smaller. So be very mindful of that when creating looks and color combinations. The sheer colors are usually your highlight colors and the placement of these goes in your inner corner and under your brow as a highlight. (Dark colors should never go in these places).

5. You should always apply the light colors first espcially if your collection of brushes are limited. And always clean off your brush(es) after each color and before another. It makes life a little easier. 


These are the steps/tips/techniques/tricks or whatever else you want to call them that I use. Blending is probably one of the most important steps in your eyeshadow application if not the most important so perfecting your blending skills is a MUST! Practice and patience will do wonders to your blending technique. If you guys have any techinques that you use and would like to share just comment below and leave your suggestions. I would love to hear them and maybe I could learn a thing or two. Thanks!


Now for the BRUSHES!! I just love makeup brushes. I think Makeup Brushes are my #3 favorite thing right after eyeliner and mascara :)

My Favorite Brushes To Blend With:

1. Sigma E25 Tapered Blending Brush (white bristles-not sold individually, but as far as I know the E35 is the exact same). This brush is fluffy but not too fluffy and it'll blend out your shadows well. 

2. Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush (Black bristles) This is a very fluffy and not very dense brush so I wouldn't recommend this brush to do any heavy blending. But it's the perfect brush to add a nice light or skin tone color over your crease when your blending out shadows and you want their to be that perfect gradient effect.

3. E.L.F. Cosmetics Professional Blending Brush (White Handle) This is one of my absolute favorite brushes of all time. I love this brush to blend with. The price is amazing and defintely not something that can be beat. I think everyone should own at least 3 of these bad boys in their collection of brushes! This blends out shadows very well without overdoing it. I like the control it gives me and the brush does the work its suppose to do. 

4. Sonia Kashuk Blending Brush. I don't know how the original blending brush works since mine was part of a collection that is no longer sold and I don't know if the brushes are the same, but I have a couple brushes by Ms. Kashuk and their awesome so I would recommend trying her regular blending brush. It's available at Target or This brush is very dense and stiff and the bristles can seem to be a little too hard but if you hold the brush lighlty and close to the handle and not close to the ferrule it works perfectly.

5. Eco Tools Eye Kit-Highlight Brush. The Eco Tools Eye brush set was a xmas gift for 2010. Each brush has their brush use written on the bottom handle and The brush that says Highlight is the brush that I use for blending out harsh lines. This brush is really good and it comes as part of a set for your eyes thats not going to break your bank either. You can get the whole set for $12 whereas most brushes individually are in the $12 price range. This set can be found at Walgreens, CVS, and many other drugstores. 

6. Sigma E30 Pencil Brush. This brush I don't necessarily use to blend out shadows but it's perfect for doing precise crease work because most blending brushes are fluffy and can place color down where you don't want it. With this brush I can place the color where I chose then blend it out to my desired taste. 


I think I mentioned all my favorite brushes. I'm not near them at this moment and I'm the person whose likely to forget to mention something. :) If I did I will repost this! Hope this helped and remember your Beautiful!

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